We understand the complexities of planning future year budgets while managing the current year obligations and closing out last year’s contracts.  Supporting your fiduciary responsibility to the American taxpayer is our mission.

  • Assist strategic formulation, defense and execution of budget
  • Advise senior management on funding priorities and developing budget strategies for spending within funding constraints
  • Develop performance measures to assess progress toward strategic goals
  • Assess Program Implementation Risk: Analyze and identify technical and programmatic risk in project development and implementation, pinpoint warning signs and corrective actions to preempt inefficiency or failure 
  • Draft Federal budget request documentation for all phases of budget process (Departmental allocations, requests to Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Presidential budget submissions with Congressional Justifications and explanatory notes)
  • Build spend plan for financial planning and allocation of appropriations
  • Manage de-obligations, re-obligations and fiscal year-end closeouts
  • Develop spend plan in accordance with goals, objectives, measurements, strategic directives and long-range planning
  • Maintain robust accounting structure in compliance with existing financial and contracts management systems, including FFMS and PRISM
  • Manage and maintain program funding for both present and future through the use of legacy systems and proposed systems of financial and/or acquisition management
  • Maintain records, controls and tracking
  • Report on financial and acquisition issues and concerns
  • Ensure timely payment of invoices and proper IPAC processing
  • Respond to inquiries and requests from supporting offices and organizations which provide services to the client (e.g. contracting offices, finance centers and invoice payment offices)



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