Within the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Health Affairs, our team supports high-impact / high-visibility health security programs including Medical Quality Management, Employee Stress Management and Resiliency, Medical Countermeasures Program, Points of Dispensing Planning, Exercises and Training, Anthrax Preparedness and the Pandemic Influenza Program.  Through the broad reach of OHA’s health and medical policies and programs, our consultants integrate, collaborate and connect with all DHS Components and many inter-agency partners and stakeholders to accomplish OHA’s strategic mission.

1. MCM Program

Capstone helped establish the start-up DHS Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Program to address the threat of wide-area aerosolized biological terrorist threats.  Through each step of the planning, budgeting, procurement, storage, distribution, tracking, logistics and implementation of the program, our team partnered with emergency planners and leaders across the DHS Components to ensure all agency personnel are prepared in advance with medicine.  The policies, training, communication tools and procedures to support the department have been developed by our team members working alongside our federal clients.  The end result – rapid access to life-saving MCM by all DHS workforce potentially exposed to weaponized biological agents such as Anthrax.  

2. Anthrax and POD Training

Capstone assisted OHA in developing key training tools to build employee capability and knowledge.  We designed and helped implement two Points of Dispensing (POD) training DVDs for the purpose of instructing the volunteer team members how to plan for and implement an emergency non-medical POD for the dispensing of medicine.  We provided SME support to OHA by developing two training tools for DHS-wide implementation on its LMS (Learning Management System).  The first class developed was Anthrax Awareness training, a tutorial for all DHS employees to be better understand the threat and the disease.  The second class developed was specifically targeted to POD Team Member training.  These two classes were developed under the authority of the DHS Secretary’s Employee Preparedness Initiative (EPI) of 2012 and were successfully completed ahead of schedule.

3. POD Planning

Capstone worked to develop a Point of Dispensing Functional Exercise and Drill which was filmed and produced into two POD training videos for the benefit of all DHS.  We have been invited to oversee exercises and POD drills performed by the DHS Components as they step up their internal program capabilities and training.

4. Pandemic Influenza Program

Capstone helped establish the Pandemic Influenza (PI) Program in support of the DHS Office of the Secretary and Executive Management (OSEM) and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO).  The PI Program was a new initiative launched out of a new office within DHS, with minimal oversight and guidance.  Through our efforts, millions of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items were sourced:  N-95 respirators, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, disposable garments, splash goggles and surgical masks.  PPE were identified, planned, purchased, tracked, stored and distributed to DHS Component field locations across the nation.  Antiviral medicines were stockpiled in and secure pharmaceutical location for rapid deployment.  Funds were allocated to prepare the department to best respond to a severe pandemic, including prioritization of limited vaccines.  The PI program established the foundation for the MCM Program and continues to operate in the event of another pandemic outbreak. Capstone was awarded the DHS Small Business Award specifically for our support of the Pandemic Influenza Program.

5. Exercise Planning and Support

Capstone has assisted DHS in the design, development and execution of a number of disaster scenarios and exercises.  We provided SME support to several Pandemic Table Top Exercises, including the first attended by Secretary Napolitano and representation by all the DHS Components.  These exercises occurred prior to, and were instrumental in dealing with, the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza outbreak.  We contributed to the H1N1 After Action Report presented to the Secretary of DHS.  

6. DHSTogether Resiliency and Suicide Prevention

Capstone has provided program management and strategic planning support to the start-up DHS workforce resiliency and suicide prevention program, called DHSTogether.  By working with experts in the field, DHS leadership, Congressional requirements and strategic goals, our team launched a number of pilot programs in teamwork with DHS Component members.  We have reached out to professionals tackling the issues of stress and coping skills within the Department of Defense to build from their capabilities.  Capstone has presented to the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine regarding the progress and direction of this resiliency and suicide prevention program.

7. Medical Quality Management

Capstone drafted the first DHS Medical Quality Management Strategic Plan under the guidance of the OHA MQM Branch and the working group comprised of medical quality officials from across the department.  Through this process, our consultants reviewed DHS Component plans and procedures and offered expert quality improvement and measures recommendations.  The Measures Activity Plan and quality assurance dashboards were developed for the DHS offices providing medical care.

8. Financial Management of No-Year Supplemental

Capstone has continuously managed a multi-million dollar no-year (non-lapsing) supplemental since Fiscal Year 2006 appropriated to DHS.  We have maintained careful financial and contracting records with oversight by OHA for the benefit of the DHS workforce pandemic preparedness.  

9. Desk Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures

Capstone has drafted numerous financial desk procedures for the OHA Office of the Chief Financial Officer, to assist in demonstrating and maintaining proper financial controls and audit-ready financial position.  We have drafted and edited Standard Operating Procedures in support of OHA’s programs, including Non-Medical Points of Dispensing and Medical Countermeasures Storage.

10. Sharepoint and DHS Connect Intranet Support

Capstone has updated team-sites in the DHS Sharepoint environment, including configuring subfolders, posting documents, setting up accesses for group members and team leads.  We programmed online survey tools and have programmed data-reporting graphics in the form of quality improvement dashboards.  Capstone has supported the development of DHS Connect intranet destinations by providing content, layout and editing support.

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