We support your requirements by aligning with agency-level vision and goals.  With an integrated approach, driven by a unifying strategic planning process, we help you, the client, maximize your mission success.

  • Define programmatic goals by performing strategic analysis, studying legislation and interviewing key stakeholders
  • Plan, develop and prototype tactical planning procedures designed for successful implementation and efficient program execution
  • Manage key aspects of program to achieve stated goals, objectives and metrics
  • Ensure compliance with strategic measurements (e.g. OMB, Congress, President’s Management Agenda)
  • Set long-term strategic direction for program
  • Build out-year plans and budgets (five years and beyond)
  • Brief senior management on projects, milestones and deadlines for program
  • Prepare documentation to defend strategic plan on various levels (senior management, Department/Agency, OMB, Congress)
  • Present strategic programmatic plans to Congressional staff as called upon
  • Support and prepare client for testimony within program, as requested
  • Maintain accountability and client awareness of process
  • Perform cost/benefit analysis to maximize program budget
  • Streamline business processes, practices and procedures
  • Monitor other contractor performance and make performance recommendations based upon this monitoring
  • Identify, minimize and mitigate programmatic vulnerabilities by performing risk assessments and gap analyses
  • Develop OMB Business Cases (Exhibit 300s), cost/benefit analyses,  and other investment and acquisition planning documentation


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