Jacqueline Oxendine Genaille
Senior Management Consultant

Jacqueline, a Senior Consulting Manager and PMP, has 15 years of experience supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of State (DoS) in project and program management, acquisition, CPIC, analytics and reporting, and IT development and deployment.  Past projects have included management and modernization of a key regulatory compliance program at DoS, project management consulting for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment, and development and deployment of an enterprise analytical framework to assess business and operational performance of potential solutions. Jacqueline also served as the Operations Manager for the DHS CBP Border Fence Project, a two and a half year, multi-billion dollar project to build 670 miles of security fence along the southwest border of the U.S.  In 2007, she was awarded a Unit Citation by the CBP Commissioner for her management efforts leading to the successful completion of the first phase of the Border Fence Project.  In 2009, she was awarded the Commendation for Public Service by the Department of Army (a key partner of the Border Fence Project) for her efforts on the second and third phases of the project.

Currently Jacqueline is the Project Lead for Capstone’s DHS Office of Health Affair’s support to the Medical Quality Management Branch. In addition to overseeing and managing subcontractor deliverables that facilitate the implementation of medical quality management programs across DHS, she is also responsible for the multi-platform technical development and deployment of collaboration team sites and online data collection and reporting for the DHS Health Care Quality Committee.


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