Our company is unique in that we are a husband-wife team, working hard to serve our country by supporting government program managers, helping them to fulfill their missions. We built the company on John's skills and experience in procurement and finance; Sarah brought to the table strong organizational skills (from managing a household of 6), teaching, writing and communication. This complementary skillset has served us well as we provide the government with dedicated technical support and excellent customer service.

From the beginning, our client has been the Department of Homeland Security. We believe in the DHS mission to protect and defend the homeland, and we are grateful to be a part of this critical task.

In 2006 we competed for, and won, our first prime contract in support of the DHS Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Secretary and Executive Management. This task was to provide acquisition, finance and logistics support to the newly established DHS-wide pandemic influenza program. Through this contract, Capstone provided business office support to the recently named Chief Medical Officer/Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs, and the newly formed Office of Health Affairs (OHA). 

Capstone has grown with OHA since 2006, and has won two additional competitive contracts for a growing presence, focused on acquisition, budget, finance and program management support, with specialized knowledge in pandemic and anthrax preparedness planning and workforce protection. We have provided support to medical quality management initiatives, strategic planning, exercise planning, medical countermeasures program, points of dispensing planning, training material development and stress management / resiliency initiative for the DHS workforce.


Our Name

The name capstone has particular meaning to us for several reasons.

First, in the architectural sense, a capstone is the finishing stone put on top of a wall or stone structure, signifying the completion of the builder's efforts. The capstone is strong and enduring, protecting the rest of the structure from wear and the elements. We believe our clients are protected by the quality and completeness of our consulting solutions.

Second, in a graduate degree program, the capstone is the final class or project that pulls all of the previous course material together and completes the course of study. Our consultants take their combined knowledge and collective experience and put it all together for the benefit of our clients.

Third, capstone has spiritual significance for our family. The word capstone is used in a biblical sense synonymous for the One who came to build our faith and fulfill every need. Our use of capstone reflects our faith in God and our trust in his provision and protection.


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